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Read a selection of REAL user reviews of our Cataclean products.

“This is not the first time that I’ve used this product. My new car has some hesitating and emissions issues after failing the MOT. I read the instructions and followed how much petrol to Cataclean to use. After a drive around and blast down the motorway, the car seemed better and like something had unblocked. It passed the MOT and the car has been Ok since. I am very satisfied with this product and think it’s a small price to pay for big results.”

“Fab stuff ! Car was stuttering and engine management light came on. After chucking this in and driving for 20 minutes, the next day the engine management light went out and driving smooth.”

“I’m already into my third bottle of this. Our DPF was regenerating every 80 miles or so, put a bottle of this into 1/4 of a tank & the car didn’t regen for 235 miles (town driving) Just amazing! The engine is quieter, better acceleration & MPG.”

“Bought this on the strength of reviews, have to say it’s impressive stuff. Light went off after about 20 minutes of light driving. Car feels a lot more responsive, MPG has gone from 27.5mpg to 31mpg, an upside I didn’t expect. I’ll be using this regularly as recommended.”

“Works absolutely as it says. Highly recommend it. My engine management light came on and I was told it would be an expensive job, after being recommended this product I tried it and after a long stretch on the motorway my engine management light went off. Could not be any happier.”

“This stuff is amazing, I found out about it when I failed an MOT on emissions years ago, the MOT guy said give it a try, he was right, a bottle of this, a 30 minute drive and it passed with flying colours. I use this at least once a year in my cars, you can feel the difference after a couple of hundred miles of using it and it 100% reduces emissions. For the money it’s worth putting a bottle in before an MOT just to be on the safe side.”