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Cataclean Global Ltd has developed with a focus on effective products that help engines perform better, last longer and run cleaner.

Founded in 1995, when owner/founder, Ross Baigent, was importing and exporting vehicles throughout the Far East and needed to meet emissions regulations. Using scientific knowledge, expert consultants, mechanics and innovation Cataclean was created, with some fine-tuning Cataclean found it’s optimum dosage to see immediate results in emissions reduction.

Seeing the efficacy and need for Cataclean, the company patented and began to manufacture in the U.K. After further testing, Cataclean was found to not only clean the catalytic converter but clean fuel injectors, fuel lines, EGR Valves, oxygen sensors, intake valves, cylinder heads, catalytic converter, DPF/PPF and exhaust. This was the moment of realisation that Cataclean is a complete fuel and exhaust system cleaner that can do in one premium product what others need seven or eight to do.

Quickly gaining acclaim in the United Kingdom, Cataclean is stocked by all leading automotive retailers and motor factors and considered an essential product for vehicles. “Does what it says on the tin” – Car Mechanics Magazine, 1995.

Cataclean is now one of the leading automotive additives in the United Kingdom and North America and has become a mainstay for vehicle enthusiast, mechanics and vehicle owners.

We’ve grown since our inception, but our focus hasn’t changed we want to continue to operate on integrity and offer products that work.

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